Available in 7” and 11”

7” Burn time: 3-4 hours
11” Burn time: 5-6 hours

Self-taught through an obsessive curiosity for the century old techniques of candle dipping, each taper candle is handmade in-house using one natural cotton wick and dipped into natural golden beeswax numerous times. Then, it is joined together and hand-molded into shape in the dipping process to create a continuous double wick. Due to its hypoallergenic qualities and natural production of negative ions that help neutralize the air when burned, thus subtly purifying the air, beeswax is the most natural and clean wax burn.

Charcoal-dipped tapers are two layered; golden beeswax on the inside, then dipped in a thin layer of natural activated charcoal on the outside to give natural coloring. The golden yellow inner beeswax subtly shines through the charcoal when burning.

All pure, raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized beeswax sourced from Santa Ana River Valley Honey, a local family bee farm in Rialto, CA. No dyes, no parabens, and no artificial materials used.

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